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Teenage Heartbreak Vinyl

HUDDY released his debut album Teenage Heartbreak on September 17 via Immersive/Sandlot/Geffen Records, which included his previously released singles “21st Century Vampire,” “The Eulogy Of You and Me,” and “America’s Sweetheart,” along with “Don’t Freak Out” Feat. Iann Dior, Tyson Ritter and Travis Barker. The album is a perfect hybrid of pop, punk, and alternative with an underlying message encouraging authenticity and self-acceptance. After racking up 100 million streams in less than a year and receiving acclaim from Vogue, Interview, i-D, PAPER, and Nylon, he asserts himself as just the pop punk idol we need on his 2021 full-length debut album.

1. Teenage Heartbreak
2. America’s Sweetheart
3. IDC
4. Partycrasher
5. Don’t Freak Out (ft. Iann Dior, Tyson Ritter & Travis Barker)
6. No More (interlude)
7. Headlock
8. Lost Without You
9. The Eulogy Of You and Me
10. 21st Century Vampire
11. How It Ends

Limited to 4 per customer.

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